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Coaching is a rewarding way to get involved in sport. You don't need to be an amazing player to be an amazing coach - in fact you don't need to have played sport at all! If you are enthusiastic and like to develop yourself and others, then you can be a coach.

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Project 500 for female coaches

Reach & Project 500

As a female coach you can get support from the Project 500 network in the South East, which aims to address the imbalance in male to female coaches.

This award-winning programme has exceeded its original target of recruiting and developing 500 female coaches but continues to promote greater participation for women and girls. To join and receive updates on opportunities and events in Surrey, just email Lawrie Baker via surreycoaches@surreycc.gov.uk

You can follow Project 500 on @femalecoaches through their popular and resource-rich Twitter account, and look out for #womenswednesday to join in conversations on trending topics in coaching.